The most important  investment you will make is a quality set of shorts as if you get it wrong it can spoil your ride! Victor & Liberty have a range of men’s and ladies cycling shorts from their favorite brands.



After becoming quite upset with the lack of ladies specific cycling shorts, Liberty hunted down as many as possible, and now only stocks models that she has ridden, so they come with Liberty’s personal recommendation.

When choosing your short you should consider the type of cycling you do and the amount of miles as this should influence the amount of money you spend on your shorts. If your are riding for a considerable amount of time you really shouldn't skimp on quality.


  • The pad chamois style and its technical qualities (this can play a big part in your decision making, always look for a woman specific pad designed with the female shape in mind)
  • The colour - in the UK we tend to favour black probably due to weather (more likely to get mucky in rainy climates compared to hot warm weather enjoyed by our mediteranean cousins!)
  • Bib versions (this is personal choice - but Liberty always goes for a bib as it does ensure your shorts stay in place!)

Well i never....

The first cycling shorts were made of wool with a leather chamois stitched in the crotch. They were hot and tricky to launder (stinky..). The wool took an age to dry, and the leather became so very stiff that it hurt more than it helped (ouch)


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