While you can cycle in a pair of trainers you shouldn’t.

When you get the correct pair of cycling shoes your riding comfort and efficiency will improve. Cycling shoes are light and stiff for efficient pedaling, usually have mesh panels and vents to keep your feet cool in the summer, but that does mean that you will need overshoes for when the weather gets colder.

Remember road shoes, in the main, are designed to be used on the bike and not to go shopping in! For this reason, they have very rigid soles, which helps harness pedal power— great for cycling, not so good for walking around.


  • When considering performance road shoes the more you spend, the stiffer the shoe and lighter the sole. The higher end shoes will be made solely of carbon fibre soles which will aid performance by minimising weight
  • The last few years have seen the development of heat moldable shoes. You heat up the shoes in an oven and mould the soles and sometimes the thermoplastic uppers to your feet shape, thus creating the ultimate bespoke shoe!

Well I never…..

In Italy it is the norm to carry a set of covers for your cleats so that you can go into a tiled café for an espresso




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