New Year … Small Solutions

New Year resolutions are traditionally a hybrid of fantasy and spreadsheets. We truly believe we can plan our way to a fitter, better, brighter version of ourselves. But ‘Thinking Yourself Epic’ rarely lasts. This year, I’m thinking small.

My 2015 cycling resolutions are all things I should be doing anyway. You may find a few you recognise…

  • Plan routes in the evenings, rather than trying to work them out hurriedly on the morning of the ride. If I haven’t had my second cup of coffee I’ll have the map upside down, and are those motorways or rivers?
  • Fill my drinks bottles the night before, and put them in the fridge. This gives rides that aura of pro-ness and organisation, even if I’ve got my helmet on backwards.
  • Write down ALL brilliant ideas I have while out on my bike IMMEDIATELY I get home. Showers are clinically proven to wash all useful thoughts out of your head.
  • Wash my bike RIGHT NOW. Yes, even before I’ve had a bath. And certainly before the sun goes down. And don’t forget the lube. Squeeeeak.
  • Alternatively, teach the kids to clean bikes, so I can mercilessly exploit the one-week window between them getting really good at it and deciding they don’t want to help any more.
  • Investigate that ominous rattle immediately, instead of forgetting about it until I’m out on my next ride and it’s doing it again.
  • Search all jersey pockets six times for tissues, chocolate wrappers, twenty-pound notes, safety pins and allen keys before I go anywhere near the washing machine.
  • Teach my partner my entirely sensible cycling clothing filing system (and grudgingly learn his incredibly irrational one), so neither of us ever lose our favourite bibshorts again.
  • Subvert the natural urge of pairs of armwarmers to split up and hide down the backs of drawers by forcibly pairing them, possibly using colour-coded musettes, or at the very least clothes pegs.
  • Pass on kit that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit me, or isn’t my colour. Who knows? I might even get some in return. And in any event, I’m making room for new stuff. Lovely new things. Mmm.
  • Most importantly: never leave home without my waterproof. And my lights. And a tenner for a taxi home.

New Year resolutions

By Alison Crutchley aka @accidentobizaro



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